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Key Events | About Town

I was a voluntary invigilator in the local partnership event, ‘About Town’, between the Hippodrome and Ikon Gallery during 2014. This allowed me to support and showcase my passion for art and culture within Birmingham by overseeing event exhibitions and answering questions that the public had about the exhibitions.

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Key Events | Compass Jobs Fair

I have been a temporary volunteer at an event hosted by Compass Jobs Fair for three consecutive years (2014-2016). My role involved registering attendees, distributing seminar tickets, providing the public with information and directions, obtaining feedback and setting up and dismantling stalls.

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Key Events | MADwDATA

I prepared for and helped out at a data event co-hosted by Boilerhouse. The preparation involved using social media and search engines to locate potential attendees who I then added to the Company database. I then invited these professionals to the event through the database.

On the day, I assisted in the registering process, providing information and acting as a 'mic-runner' for any guests who had questions.

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