Go With Me magazine

Go With Me is your ultimate literary travel companion. Figuratively, a vade mecum (meaning Go With Me) is a book that one keeps by one’s side or close to hand, so that it may be readily consulted for guidance or inspiration.


Go With Me | E-newsletters

I also oversaw the production of two e-newsletters to accompany the release of each magazine volume.

It was my first time producing e-newsletters and for Volume 1 I produced the whole email independently. For Volume 2, I produced the layout while the writing and design was co-produced.

Click on the envelope to view e-newsletter 2.

Click on the envelope to view the launch e-newsletter.



Go With Me | Volume 2

Volume 2 is the second issue of Go With Me which we produced to a fortnightly deadline.

Volume 2 followed the theme of 'Women in the Wild' with articles about women who have dared to step out of conventional lifestyles.
Additionally, it enabled readers to explore the fascinating places which inspired Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and uncover the codifications in Rossetti’s seemingly innocent poem, Goblin Market. This volume has something for your inner traveller informing you about leisurely Reading Retreats in the UK as well as a 48 hour literary itinerary in Scotland.



Go With Me | Volume 1

Volume 1 is the launch issue of Go With Me which I produced with my peers during my MA Magazine Journalism course.


Volume 1 allows readers to delve deeper into fictional works, become a more effective reader and discover new reading destinations.

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